Mosquita y Mari

Mosquita y Mari is now in pre-production. Keep up with the process of making this film by following this blog. We’ll take you through every aspect of this exciting venture with this exclusive behind-the-scenes look at the making of Mosquita y Mari and show you what goes in to creating the films you enjoy. Thanks!

Posted by the Mosquita y Mari team


2 Responses to “Mosquita y Mari”

  1. Anonymous Says:

    It’s really nice to see our people moving up in all aspects of society. I was raised in HP and your movie cought my attention, unfortunately the script just made me feel sad.

    It’s sad to see that you are using these great talents to promote the devastating effects that youthful lust is having on our society.

    This is not a movie I would feel proud of sharing with my family. Unfortunately sometimes this is what will sell. May you someday realize that the best movies are those who have a good moral message.
    God bless you

  2. tannia Says:

    Well in response to the previous comment, I’d like to say that I fully support MYM and absolutely love love love that it’s not limited by morality. Enough youth are already reduced to one dimensional characters that don’t leave any growth for reality. This film is real. I am so happy to see a little bit of myself in MYM! Young Queer Love is hardly or ever seen on any screen. And if it is, it never tells the stories of Latin@s, of our neighborhoods, with our people, and our particular struggles. This film is larger than what we’ll see on screen. The fact that this blog exists for the community to be part of its process is telling of the kind of committed folks that are behind this project. Energia y Fuerza MyM! All my love!

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