Adventures in Guerilla Filmmaking

Adventures in Guerilla Filmmaking

From our Kickstarter Video Shoot

Filmmakers are a very unique breed of people. We tend to survive on little sleep, and thrive on a lot of repetitive hard work. And these are qualities that apply to all filmmakers, whether or not they’re working with a huge budget or have no money and are forced to call in every favor they have left. We practically kill ourselves to simply share a story.

So, it is with great masochistic pleasure to share some very good news. Though we had little money, and even less sleep, we were able to successfully shoot our Kickstarter video, which will premiere and launch our fundraising campaign on April 19th!

Though we were sunburnt, barely equipped and improvising a lot of our work, we managed to create some amazing images.

Aurora and I even got some killer shots of Alameda and Slauson on a BMX bike with an HD GoPro camera strapped to our heads. No equipment, directors or producers were harmed in the making of our video!

We had a wonderful time doing it and we cannot wait to shoot the feature. Please share our pictures with your friends and familia, and spread the word. MOSQUITA Y MARI is coming!

Be sure to check out our Twitter, Facebook, and Myspace for behind the scenes pictures of our Kickstarter shoot, details and information.


With deep respect and gratitude,

Charlene Agabao



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